August 23, 1999

Alright now, how to start, first, this isn't a sight about the devil , or satan or anything like that, one should take the url name literally.  I am here to bitch and moan about my hatred for christians and that whole fucked up con that they call a religion, as well as anything else that might just happen to piss me off.  I figure that this is the most constructive way to vent my hatred.  Only an idiot, like most of the human population, would attempt to deny the darker side of their nature.  People keep saying good will always triumph over evil, well that's bullshit, because you can't have one without the other.  If there's no evil, then there's no good, both must exist together and in balance, or else utter chaos rules.  And I'm not talking about the organized chaos of nature, no, mother nature is always striving to stay in balance, what appears to be chaos in nature is actually very ordered.  Of course most people realize that concept, yet they still try to deny their very nature, and lose.  By letting this darker side of me loose, I hope to keep from going completely nuts.  A little bit, or even a lot of nuts is a good thing, or better, a natural thing.  So these ramblings of mine are here to bring understanding to why we are the way we are, and bring a little more balance back to the human condition, or, at least my life.

Lord Cholos


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