Welcome to the Truth

March 26th, 2000

I have been meditating about the direction of this site, beyond my original thoughts listed in the about page.  I once thought that this was not about satan worshipping and so forth, but it truly must be, as the original term "satan" meant adversary and was made famous by the christian church, the I truly must be a satan follower to the extent that I know beyond a doubt that the keys to the universe lie in some of the teachings of the satanists.  In my quest for knowledge, and an explanation for my extreme hatred for the christians, I found that society as a whole tries to deny their instinct.  Indulgence, not abstiinence, is the key to self knowledge.  Violence, sex, love, hatred, rage, pity, all emotions are needed and must be explored.  Good and evil are ideas created mainly by the church in an attempt to control the people, and really two words that mean the same thing.  Religions that take people down a narrow road are causing the downfall of humanity, we will never evolve to the next level if we keep following their bullshit.  I challenge you to slowly rise against the bastards that would destroy you.  The new revolution must be slow, or we will be destroyed before we can begin, as the human race is so set in its ways of self destruction.  Behold, a future without borders or boundaries, without rules and regulations, without false gods to take the very life they claim is so dear.   I believe that I know the way.  Take my challenge if you dare.

Lord Cholos


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